What it means to be an Outstanding Teacher

Outstanding teachers need to have the well-being and success of their students as their central focus. These teachers need to be able to incorporate the adaptive dimension into their daily lesson planning as well as differentiated instruction to ensure the learning needs of all students are met. The establishment of an inclusive classroom that is culturally responsive is absolutely necessary. In Saskatchewan especially, I think outstanding teachers need to strive towards classroom environments that meet the needs of Aboriginal students and students with disabilities.

Outstanding teachers need to possess a genuine and sincere love for teaching children. I also believe they need to be patient, gentle and kind. Outstanding teachers should be organized and well prepared; they should be competent and confident but also able to work as a team player. Outstanding teachers should continually familiarize themselves with the curriculum, as well as other educational documents. Thus ensuring that their teaching is up to date, relevant, and follows the guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Education.

Outstanding teachers need to respect everyone they work with, including staff, students, administrators and parents. Outstanding teachers ought to conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner, both inside and outside of school. Outstanding teachers ought to go beyond curricular expectations, striving to teach their students what it means to be morally intelligent. Building skills of empathy, forgiveness, kindness, self-control and compassion are a few examples of these intelligences.

Outstanding teachers need to strive to be lifelong learners and continually grow in their professional development. Lastly, outstanding teachers need to create safe learning environments, they need to believe in the students they work with and they need to encourage those children to believe in themselves. Outstanding teachers should have a teaching style that reflects a healthy balance between fun, play and learning. Learning should always be enjoyable, outstanding teachers should be able to teach in such a way that this is always the case.


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