Sewing Mukluks! Major Project

My Major Project for This Class…                                                                    

I want to learn how to sew traditional tall classic Mukluks.  Mukluks are a soft shoe usually made from deer or buckskin. I like the look of the Metis mukluks, with extra beadwork detailing just below the knee. I will be using the internet as my primary resource for learning how to sew these shoes. I have an Aunt who makes moccasins and mukluks but she lives in Winnipeg, so drawing on her expertise is difficult.

Previous Experience/Understanding….

I have made 3 pairs of moccasins already, using a paper pattern from my Auntie Christine.I made my first pair when I was nine. Here is a picture of what they look like now (my feet have not grown much since then, so I still wear them!)











Below are the pair I made for my husband last two Christmas’ ago (the beadwork took forever!)











I also made a pair for my Grandmother a few years ago. Sadly, I did not take a picture of them before I gave them away!

Reasons for Choosing Mukluks as my Major Project…

Since I have some experience with making slipper-moccasins, I have been interested in making mukluks. I know that I can buy mukluks from Quarks and other stores, but I wanted a pair that were authentic and traditional, not quite so modernized.

Step #1 Choose the mukluks I want to make…

The first thing I need to do is choose a pattern I like. Then I will need to choose the type and color of leather I will use, as well as fur and beads. Stay tuned!

Click Here to go to my second stage in this project: Planning and Getting Ideas

Update #3 Click Here!

Update #4 Click Here!

Update #5 Click Here!

Update #6 Click Here!

Update #7 Click Here!

Update #8 Click Here!

Update #9 Click Here!

Update #10 Click Here!

Update #11 Click Here!

Update #12 Click Here!

Summary of my major project, click here!


One response to this post.

  1. I am really excited about your project! If you are going to make them to sell, you have your first client!
    I would say that the distance between here and Winnipeg is not a problem, as long as your aunt uses skype/email/camera/internet… 🙂 Most of my friends and family are in Poland. I learn things from them whenever I need to.


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