Resources from ECMP 355

Here are some of Alec Couros’ resources that he shared with us in my ECMP 355 class that I have found helpful. I have not explored all of them in great detail, but I have included this page for future reference to use during my teaching career. I think these will be great tools as I share my knowledge and learning from this class and apply it to my teaching practices and strive to integrate technology into the classroom.

1. Digital Fluency: Basic Tools

2. Visual Literacy Resources:

3. Alternatives to PowerPoint:

4. Examples Of Exemplary Slide Decks/Presentations:

5. More Resources About Slide Design:

6. Alternative Presentation Styles:

7. Digitial Story Telling: Key Resources

8. A Few (Possible) Storytelling Tools:

9. Podcasting Resources

10. Digital Citisenship

11. Connected Learning

12. Developing a Blended Course: Blended Learning Tools

  • Kidblog (blogging platform, easy to moderate students)
  • Edmodo (looks like Facebook, but made for schools)
  • Schoology (advanced learning management system)
  • Canvas (newer learning management system)
  • Ning (social networking service, costs $ but get a free mini-version here)
  • BuddyPress (open source, social networking version of WP – free but you need to host it)
  • Elgg (open source social networking tool, free but you need to host it)
  • Class Connect (a place to organize, share and find lesson plans)

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