Philosophy of Education/Assessment

As educators our philosophy of education will be closely tied to our philosophy of assessment. It is important that we take a well balanced approach to both formative and summative assessment strategies. Equally important, is that we consider adaptive measures that will be taken to ensure equitable teaching and assessment procedures will be offered for all students. Implementing anti-oppressive education and alternative assessments will be a challenging task; primarily due to the existing systematic biases in the curriculum and standardized testing. However, I believe the challenges we face in the implementation of these non-conventional approaches will be beneficial in the end. I believe that our goal as educators is to create a safe environment for a community of learners to grow into successful and capable individuals who are surrounded with the support they need to meet their potential. I believe our students should be encouraged to grow in their development as critical thinkers who are cognizant of their skills, talents, interests and values and who are confident in challenging injustice and who will lead our society with wisdom, grace and equity.


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