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Tech Task #9 RIP A Remix Manifesto

For this Tech Task we had to watch a video that looks at mash-ups and copy write issues.


One of the questions asked if we thought that if someone manipulated an existing song enough if they can eventually claim it as their own creation?

This is a tough question, I think that for myself, I would feel guilty claiming a song as my own creation if it was any kind of mash up or remix. The reason I feel that way is because it would be impossible to create my creation if it had not been for the artists who originally created the song in the first place. I think that sharing music or remixing different pieces of music together is cool, but I don’t think taking credit for someone else’s original songs seems right. If I was the original artist and someone rearranged my song or added to it and then started making money off it, I would feel ripped off or taken advantage of. If the remix was just shared I don’t know if I would have the same negative feelings about this.

I think that the current copy write policies seem very extreme and restrictive. I really like Creative Commons Licensing, I wish more things could be shared on the internet under this kind of licensing because I know how helpful Flickr and Compfight have been for me. Another point that was made in the video was how a writer can reference any author or document in their paper, as long as they give that person credit. Most of our essays in university are based on other peoples work and research, our role is typically to analyze their work, critique it and conclude with what we like and what we don’t. I think that if this is allowed in writing, it should be allowed in every area. I know that there’s a difference between plagiarism and referencing, maybe if remixes and mash-ups were created in a similar way it would be a good thing. I would have to research this issue more I think to better understand it.


Tech Task #10

For Tech Task # 10 we have compared Schoology and Edmodo as both of these are very common and excellent blended learning tools. We have summarized our comparison by answering a variety of questions. Please see below for our analysis!

  1. These tools are designed to set up an online learning community accessible to teachers, students and parents, organizing assignments, quizzes, blog posts, units, grades and updates about what is going on in the classroom (agenda, fieldtrips, news, etc.)
  2. Our favourite features of Edmodo are: similar interface to Facebook, easy to navigate, interactive as students can post as well, newsfeed, students can see who the group members are and connect with one another. Our favourite features for Schoology are similar to Edmodo but also structured and organized, ability to create multiple courses and resource folders. Both have great Help menus and are Google friendly (eg. Google docs)
  3. From what we could see, some features missing are: connecting with other teachers and schools is limited in Edmodo and found it more difficult. Whereas in Schoology you can connect and share with other educators and add your school colours to identify you. Another feature that would be great to have would be more themes (which you don’t get unless you upgrade)
  4. We liked both tools because they are set up similar to Facebook, which makes them user friendly. Widgets on the side bar and menu are visible and easy to navigate through like our wordpress blog sites.
  5. Both learning management systems are great for blending learning for parents and students. Edmodo we feel would be great for elementary years whereas Schoology would be more useful for high school students. Schoology seemed more sophisticated and challenging in comparison to Edmodo- both sites would require parent involvement for grades K-3 due to literacy component. Parents have a window into the classroom but are only an observer at the same time. This is great for the teacher because if the parents have comments or questions the dialogue doesn’t occur on these websites.
  6. Yes, we could see ourselves using these tools as they are organized and lets the teacher be accountable for what is being learned in the classroom. For example at teacher-parent conferences, the teacher could pull up this site and make reference to what assignments, quizzes or blogs have been completed by their child in the class. It is also a great way to document learning, as it is located on the Internet and not on paper in a binder on some shelf. We also feel that the account settings allow these tools to be private and only viewed by teacher, student, and parent upon approval. On the other hand if we want to share with administration or other educators we have the option for them to be members as well. Schoology has more detailed options when it comes to a Profile page which is great for middle years and up– to share with the teacher their interests, learning preferences and what goals they have for a blended learning experience.


– By Amanda, Mary Alice and Brittany

Tech Task #8 The Door Scene

Here is our Tech Task #8, The Door Scene!

Tech Task # 7 Music Mashup

Here is my Tech Task #7. I made a music mashup using the introductions from some of my favorite songs. Here it is!


Tech Task #6 Digital Story Telling

Here is the link to my Tech Task #6

I had never made a digital story before this! I was really nervous at first because I did not think I would be able to create anything that would look very good. However, I had no idea how many digital story telling tools are available. I used GoAnimate for my story. It was actually very easy and it was not time consuming. I was also pleased with how the digital story turned out. The idea I used for my story was based on my internship experience. I was teaching the grade one students basic addition facts up to 20. One of our lessons was this exact “How Many Apples” question, where there are 13 apples and some are red and some are yellow. Students had to think of different amounts there could have been for each color of apple. For example, someone might have answered, “There could be 4 red apples and 9 yellow apples.”.

I think digital story telling is an excellent teaching tool that can be incorporated into teaching. If I ever end up in a grade one classroom again, I would definitely use this digital story for my Set. I think digital stories have a certain type of appeal that many children will appreciate. Creating sets for lesson plans that are basically a cartoon has the potential to really grab the audiences attention. I think it is also more likely to keep students engaged for the development and closure of the lesson. Thanks for showing us how easy this is, Alec!

Tech Task #5 Slide & a Message

Tech Task #4

Here is my Tech Task #4: Priceless

I did my video on getting married. Hope you like it 🙂