About Me

A collage journal cover I made

Hello! My name is Amanda and I am in my fourth year in the Faculty of Education. I have always loved working with children, whether it was part time coaching, leading cheer and dance summer camps, or babysitting. I am so excited to have my own classroom and cannot wait to begin my teaching career.

I Interned in a Grade 1/2 classroom and was pleasantly surprised to see how much more I enjoyed my internship experience, in comparison to University. Prior to my Internship I had some fears about whether six and seven year olds were the right age category for me.I was also anxious to see how I would find being in room full of twenty five children all day when I was used to interacting with my peers and fellow students in University classes. I soon realized my anxieties and fears were completely unnecessary. Within a week of being in the classroom, I had fallen in love with my new environment, as well as all the children (I also decided Grade 1 or 2 were the most ideal class(s) anyone could teach).

During my Internship experience I learned extraordinary and valuable lessons and concepts that University classes could partially prepare me for, but by no means have taught me. In those four months I feel that I learned more about teaching than all of my three and a half years of University lectures combined. All of those lectures and classes provided me with an amazing foundation, and framework for understanding the basics of early childhood development, and teaching. However, my internship finally provided an avenue for the practical application of that acquired knowledge and understanding. My Internship also gave me an opportunity to sift through all of that knowledge and figure out what strategies worked for me and which ones did not.

As I look towards the future and having my own classroom, I know that I will constantly and continuously be acquiring new information and that this process of learning never ends. I am excited to be in a profession where being a lifelong learner is key to being an effective teacher. I know there will be challenges along the way but I am eagerly anticipating the exciting moments of recognizing when learning is taking place; as well as adjusting my teaching strategies and differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

My amazing Husband and I


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