Tech Task #9 RIP A Remix Manifesto

For this Tech Task we had to watch a video that looks at mash-ups and copy write issues.


One of the questions asked if we thought that if someone manipulated an existing song enough if they can eventually claim it as their own creation?

This is a tough question, I think that for myself, I would feel guilty claiming a song as my own creation if it was any kind of mash up or remix. The reason I feel that way is because it would be impossible to create my creation if it had not been for the artists who originally created the song in the first place. I think that sharing music or remixing different pieces of music together is cool, but I don’t think taking credit for someone else’s original songs seems right. If I was the original artist and someone rearranged my song or added to it and then started making money off it, I would feel ripped off or taken advantage of. If the remix was just shared I don’t know if I would have the same negative feelings about this.

I think that the current copy write policies seem very extreme and restrictive. I really like Creative Commons Licensing, I wish more things could be shared on the internet under this kind of licensing because I know how helpful Flickr and Compfight have been for me. Another point that was made in the video was how a writer can reference any author or document in their paper, as long as they give that person credit. Most of our essays in university are based on other peoples work and research, our role is typically to analyze their work, critique it and conclude with what we like and what we don’t. I think that if this is allowed in writing, it should be allowed in every area. I know that there’s a difference between plagiarism and referencing, maybe if remixes and mash-ups were created in a similar way it would be a good thing. I would have to research this issue more I think to better understand it.


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