End of the semester…

I can’t believe the semester is almost over! Unless I come back for my Masters degree, these are the last 5 days I will spend at University for the rest of my life–and many of my colleagues as well. It’s crazy because I have been a student for the last 17 years and the idea of being on the other end of the spectrum (as an educator) is kind of mind boggling. In some ways, being a teacher makes it feel like I’ll never actually leave school–just my role will change. However, at the same time it will be a very different experience. I can’t believe four years has already passed! I remember my first day of University and how nervous I was… and now it’s already over!

My second last semester (internship) was by far, my favorite. I am very excited to have my own classroom. However, this last semester has been a lot more difficult than I expected. The workload 

was comparable to other years, but it just felt strange to be in my interning school for 4 months and get to teach, and then to have to come back to University and take classes. I had 4 major projects this semester, due on the last day of classes. It’s unfortunate because all of these are valuable projects but there has been very little enjoyment in completing them because they just seem like another assignment with a deadline. I wish my last semester had not been geared so bottom heavy (end of the semester has more assignments than the beginning of the term). It’s starting to feel like Spring and I have had interviews with various school divisions for positions in the Fall but in the midst of the excitement of moving forward in my career, some of my incomplete final projects feel like grey clouds that just hover over me, haha I know that sounds dramatic.

Lots of people who have already convocated have told me they miss University and that they wish they could come back. Right now that is hard to imagine, but maybe I will feel that way someday… but I doubt it because I really loved my internship experience and can’t wait to work full time! 🙂


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