Today in class we talked about the concept of sharing one’s work–specifically online. Whether you are sharing photos, status updates, blogs, lesson plans, your resume, portfolio or music, there are mixed opinions on where to draw the line. I think there are many benefits to sharing online. Personally, I have really appreciated using photos for different projects from sites with creative commons licensing, such as compfight and flickr. I know that  lot of my peers have found Pinterest to be very helpful as well–for any project including teaching and lesson planning to baking recipes and home decor. Couros described these forms of collaboration as “online staff rooms” I think this is a fairly accurate description of how these tools can be considered and used. Obviously I am biased towards favoring collaboration  tools that are geared for an audience of educators.

I think that my understanding of sharing has definitely  been expanded during the course of this semester. I still don’t have Twitter or Pinterest…but I am a lot more open to sharing online and utilizing the various resources available, such as Edmodo and Schoology. Collaborating with fellow educators from around the world is a phenomenal opportunity that is available and I am so glad that this class has helped me better understand how to effectively use these tools.


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  1. Posted by stilishbabe on April 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    I’m thinking of becoming a teacher! Your posts are truly inspiring!


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