What Makes Great Teachers Great

found this video when I was flipping through YouTube’s Educational Chanel. I thought it was very interesting. The woman in the video states tha teacher’s have the highest level of influence on how well students will do. Teachers supposedly contribute to educational success more than any other factor–including race, socioeconomic status, wealth, poverty and parenting. In contrast, poor teaching is discussed as not only unfortunate but even detrimental to students.The question raised in this video is whether great teaching is innate or learned. Empathy was considered one of the most important characteristics that great teachers should possess. Compassion was also mentioned. Having a “heart for teaching” was highly regarded. One of the experts believed that this “heart” can often be noticed as early as pre-service (University). High expectations for students, accompanied by encouragement and care can largely affect the success of students. The experts in this video seemed to lean towards believing that this greatness in teaching is primarily innate, it starts from one’s heart. Lifelong learning is key, but having a love for children and a heart of gold is equally valued. High test scores were not regarded as being the primary indicator of a great teacher.

I think that the being a great teacher is both innate and comes from within, but it is also a learned art. I think a healthy balance between these two is what makes a great teacher. I am curious to hear what others’ perspectives are on this topic! Please feel free to share.


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  1. Thank you for sharing that video. That’s very interesting… I would agree with it wholeheartedly. I remember being a complete failure in maths, but after moving to high school my teacher made me believe I can really get it. And I did. And this is only one example.
    Caring is one of the most important factors.


  2. Excellent video! I hope I’m classified as a teacher that’s “got it”. I couldn’t agree more when the male expert said that students know whether or not you care for them. Teachers who act confident and natural around them create a vibe that they understand and respond to. Students will respond positively if they know you are there to help them. Great speakers…


  3. Thank you both, for sharing your thoughts!


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