Social Networking Cautions and the Benefits of Digital Portfolios/Blogging

Today we had the pleasure of skyping with a guest speaker, George Couros.  As one who is involved in recruiting new teachers he discussed some key elements he looks for when hiring new teachers. He suggested talking about the specific things we have done during our teacher experience. George said he searches potential candidates on Google and Facebook to see if any photos or posts are found that are inappropriate. In inappropriate information in discovered, candidates are automatically disregarded. He talked about the fact that many parents will do the same. If you have something posted publicly, whether intentionally or unintentionally–it needs to be professional and honorable. If your display picture is of you in a bar with a drink in your hand, you will not be considered. He also looks at what we have done in the classroom. Portfolio’s are not very important in his opinion, George is more concerned with getting to know who you are and how you connect/interact with others. He suggested that if you have a digital portfolio, and you can leave a link with an interviewer it makes it a lot easier for the recruiters to have access to your teaching and learning information. Including information on your digital portfolio  that shows you are a reflective practitioner is very helpful. A paper portfolio is not as effective as a digital portfolio. He also suggested we write about what we’re learning in other courses–not just this course; and relating prior learning to the content of your blog. Lastly he said that one of the major benefits of this type of blogging is that you are sharing your learning with others. Alec had previously discussed these topics with us but it was interesting to hear these points from a Recruiters’ perspective. Thanks!


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  1. Posted by Alyshia on March 12, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing with us! Yes, definitely something to keep in mind! I was on a Program Team in one of my jobs, and I know that even AFTER the staff was hired and working, we kept an eye on Facebook posts, so it truly is an ongoing process too– we can’t think that once we have a job we can be more lenient.


  2. Cool post! I find it so interesting how the world seems to be shifting. I remember when I first started this program it was all about paper portfolios – we made so many I didn’t know which one to follow! Now it seems, as you mentioned, recruiters are more interested if you have a digital portfolio, and less interested in seeing what you have on paper. I am not saying this is a bad thing, just interesting on how much has changed in three short years.
    I also found the idea of searching potential employees on Google and Facebook very interesting. As we have seen so many times in the course, cameras are everywhere, and now when you go out you need to be aware that what you are doing may potentially cost you a future position.
    Great post!


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