Ohio School Shooting February 27th, 2012


Has anyone else seen this? I have been following on the story on the web, following news updates. One of the more recent posts from Yahoo has stated that according to Newsnet 5, the shooter had tweeted a post yesterday, saying that he was planning to bring a gun to school but no one took him seriously.

Earlier in ECMP 355 today, we had been talking about digital legacy and the idea of eventually posting your last status update. I thought about my Facebook friends who have passed away and how many of their Facebook friends continue to comment and post on their wall. I also thought about people posting suicidal status updates, or violent or depressive status’. Sometimes when I have commented or messaged an individual with a post such as this, a common response is “Oh, it’s just lyrics from a song I like”. I feel frustrated because it is difficult to know what is sincere and what is posted flippantly. Although, I think that even when people say it’s just a song, there is obviously a part of them that is identifying with that particular message in/of the song. I can see how people may not have taken the shooters’ Twitter message seriously, but maybe if someone would have–this tragedy could have been avoided.


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  1. I agree with you, Amanda. The line between serious and humourous can be lost on social networks. I think part of this is due to the loss of aspects of communication. Most of our communication is non-verbal. Therefore, we cannot tell sarcasm or other emotions when we interact on social networks. (Although, electronic communication does allow for other unique types of communication) I think this is one aspect of the problem.

    I think you figured out the other aspect. Part of this is maybe apathy. We do not consider to check a strange Facebook or Twitter post. I do not think apathy and lack of communication can take all the blame but I believe they are two factors that need to be considered. Unfortunately, any situation like this is quite sad. It is sad that no one could do anything. It is even more tragic that people bring guns to school to kill others. What can we do to change this? How can we help these students?


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