Tech Task #6 Digital Story Telling

Here is the link to my Tech Task #6

I had never made a digital story before this! I was really nervous at first because I did not think I would be able to create anything that would look very good. However, I had no idea how many digital story telling tools are available. I used GoAnimate for my story. It was actually very easy and it was not time consuming. I was also pleased with how the digital story turned out. The idea I used for my story was based on my internship experience. I was teaching the grade one students basic addition facts up to 20. One of our lessons was this exact “How Many Apples” question, where there are 13 apples and some are red and some are yellow. Students had to think of different amounts there could have been for each color of apple. For example, someone might have answered, “There could be 4 red apples and 9 yellow apples.”.

I think digital story telling is an excellent teaching tool that can be incorporated into teaching. If I ever end up in a grade one classroom again, I would definitely use this digital story for my Set. I think digital stories have a certain type of appeal that many children will appreciate. Creating sets for lesson plans that are basically a cartoon has the potential to really grab the audiences attention. I think it is also more likely to keep students engaged for the development and closure of the lesson. Thanks for showing us how easy this is, Alec!


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