Technology’s Popularity

Today I was looking through my Google News, and I noticed that two out of the top six stories were related to technology. The first story was on Facebook going public, and the second was on the German court rejecting Apple bid to ban Galaxy phone, tablet. Here is the first article 

I was surprised Zuckerberg shows up to business meetings in hoodies, I guess when you’re a billionaire you can do whatever you want and get away with it. As I read through the article I wondered if Facebook will maintain its popularity. Google certainly has, however Facebook is similar to Myspace, Nexopia, and Hi5 and other social networks. Although none of those networks have been able to compete with Facebook, I wonder how long its fame will last. If another social network site were created that users considered better or more advanced than Facebook, I don’t know if it would be able to retain its current users. Twitter is also similar to Facebook, yet many people have both Facebook and Twitter accounts and others just have one or the other. It will be interesting to see what happens when Facebook does go public, and furthermore what will happen a few years down the road.

Here is the second article.

When I read this article I was surprised that two apparent “business partners” are so competitive. Here is a quote from the article,

This spat is just the latest in a larger patent battle between Apple and Samsung in courts around the world. The two companies, which also happen to be business partners, have quickly become fierce competitors in recent years with a rise in popularity of smartphones.

I had no idea there were lawsuits occurring around the world with these two competitors. It makes sense that Apple does not want Samsung gaining business and customers because they are stealing Apple’s ideas and then modifying them. However, I think that is the reality of the world we live in. Every business is examining their competitors and striving to seek ways that they can make their products more desirable. I think it would be wiser for Samsung to come up with their own creative ideas though. As consumers, unless someone has an extreme loyalty to one brand over the other, I think most of us just want the best product at the best price. Personally, I would probably favor Apple over Samsung, but if Samsung had essentially the same product as Apple and offered it at a better price or had a device with more features, I might buy from Samsung…


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  1. Thanks for bringing these two article to our attention and for giving us a bit of your personal analysis on the issues! Keep it up.


  2. You have an interesting content in your blog. If I could get picky, I would suggest chaning the titles to something more… titley… 🙂


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