Tech Task #2

I didn’t know youtube was just launched in April 2005, it has become to integrated into our culture, it seems hard to imagine society without it. Ironically, while I watched this video on YouTube and he talks about how difficult posting videos online used to be, we got a call from my Grandma in Phoenix. She wanted to let us know there would be Live Streaming if we wanted to watch 3 of my younger cousins getting baptized online tonight. Technology is so amazing! There was no way we could have been in Alberta tonight to watch in person, but thanks to the internet we were able to feel like we were there and we were able to share in their special night.

Something that surprised me is that the majority of YouTube videos feature 18-24 year olds, and that 15% of YouTube videos are remixes and remakes, which are actually illegal. Another thing I found surprising is that the most commonly uploaded videos are home videos. I never knew that over 200,000 videos are uploaded every day, with around 10,000 of those videos being addressed to the YouTube community. First time vlogging looked so awkward! For someone who isn’t really into that, it seems strange that people choose to just open up to the entire world. I can see that for some people it is enjoyable, and even therapeutic, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. I personally think it seems cheap to let strangers into your personal life, the same way I think it is cheap when people post really personal things on their Facebook status–it’s uncomfortable! I don’t want to publicly find out or know about your best friend letting you down or you children or your husband, or your marriage falling a part…it doesn’t seem classy at all. On the other hand, I enjoy reading a family members blog and following what’s going on in her life on a weekly basis. I enjoy having a community of friends that I actually see and hang out with(actually, not virtually), I don’t think there is any part of me that desires to expose myself to the whole world and hope strangers like me. Maybe if I didn’t have such an amazing family and support network of friends I would feel differently though.

One of the things Mike talked about was basically how sex sells, especially on YouTube. No matter what I want to look up on YouTube it seems impossible to not see some type of video (or several) that look raunchy. In my opinion, when Michael talks about this beautiful community being created on YouTube there’s a part of me that thinks I wouldn’t want anything to do with that community that is so openly and shamelessly sex crazed. That’s another thing that seems extremely tasteless to me about the site, and the internet in general. However, there’s obviously enough people who love it or it wouldn’t be so popular.

Obviously, YouTube also has amazing qualities and there are millions of videos that are tasteful, funny, talented, interesting and often helpful. My father-in-law is a very talented handy man, he can do everything, and anytime there’s something he isn’t sure about (like changing the oil in his new Porsche) he just “YouTubes” it!

Michael Wesch presents an interesting position, I found his video very informative and well done for the most part. Thanks!


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  1. Posted by courosa on January 23, 2012 at 4:00 am

    Thanks, Amanda – well done. Just a minor point – not all remixes/mashups are illegal. Often they follow whats known as fair use, fair dealing, or other (copyleft). We’ll talk about this more in the course.


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