Storing and Managing Information Electronically

As I listened to today’s lecture, we talked a lot about the benefits of digital fluency. One of the topics within this category had to do with online documenting—using sites such as Mendeley for instance, to edit and save various pieces of work. I thought about how this could be very helpful for writing university papers and then having an online data base where I could retrieve them whenever I needed to, even after university. Then I thought about my Internship experience…

I had an amazing Co-Operating teacher, and much like other teachers she had a plethora of teaching documents saved in boxes, bins, and large filing cabinets. These documents might include Math worksheets, long and short vowel booklets, science units, social units…and so on. I noticed that by the end of my 4 months in the classroom, I myself had accumulated a lot of curricular units, worksheets, and other papers that I wanted to keep so that I could photocopy them for my future classrooms. I remember trying to carry everything out of the class on the last day before Christmas break—there was a ton! Even worse however, was trying to figure out where to put all of it when I got home.

There were several items I had saved in a folder in my e-mail account. Documents such as lesson plans and units I had prepared, but even this is now an overwhelming folder and sometimes it is difficult to find different items. As I listened to today’s lecture I couldn’t believe that I had not thought of managing my information digitally before. I suddenly realized how much easier it would be if I stored my information and documents either online or on various devices such as USB sticks, and CD’s. Instead of having a ton of boxes to carry out of your classroom at the end of every year, perhaps everything could be saved on an online database. I am not really sure what the best method of storing information such as this would be, but I can definitely see that storing it electronically makes a lot more sense than carting around large filing cabinets full of papers. It also would be easier to find material I think. Instead of going through stacks of paper or binders to find something specific, you could just type the title into a search bar and then print as many copies as necessary once your search engine finds it.

Forcing yourself to grow in digital fluency has many benefits, before the end of this course I would like to find an efficient way to manage my information digitally. I am open to any helpful tips or feedback!



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