Tech Task #1

a) Hello! My name is Amanda. I am currently in the Facutly of Education and I am a fourth year student. I just completed my Internship semester in a grade 1/2 split class and absolutely loved it. I’ve always liked school and have very much enjoyed my University experience.  However, I am really looking forward to experiencing what it will be like to teach my own classroom of children. Academics aside, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I love playing games, being active, and dancing.

b) I think technology is amazing. I believe that if it is used and understood properly, it can be a very effective tool to use both personally and professionally. Sadly, I am not quite as “tech savy” as I would like to be, but I am hoping that by the end of this course I will be closer. My primary uses for technology at this point are for communication purposes (via text messaging, e-mails, and Facebook), and academincs (writing assignments, researching, UR courses).

c) I think technology in the classroom can be very helpful in enhancing students learning if it is used properly. However, I have not had very many opportunities during my own K-12 experience, nor my Internship experience to see it being used in such a way that I could see the positive results and benefits. I am not opposed to technology being incorporated into the classroom, but at this point I would feel ill prepared to do so. In University, most students who bring a lap top to lectures spend all of their time on Facebook, Twitter, solitaire or e-mail. I think there are positive ways Facebook and e-mailing can be used to make learning and communication easier within a class–I, personally, find UR courses very helpful when professors post course information and updates on it regularly. If a Facebook page could be created to use in Grade 6-12 classrooms, I can see benefits similar to those of UR courses being available to students and teachers. I also think discussions that are written (via, a forum or comment) give every student in the class a chance to respond, including students who are normally too shy to participate in classroom discussions.At the same time however, I think face-to-face conversations are extremely important and if anything is lacking in this generation I think it is those actual person-to-person relationships.I think too many people have become comfortable with e-mailing, texting, and “Facebooking” to serve in lieu of real life conversations and interactions with people. I do think however, that technology has the potential to enhance learning and be a very beneficial tool in the classroom; I am hoping that by the end of this class I have a better grasp of how to provide that balanced approach in my teaching career.

d) I hope and expect that by the end of this class I will have a more well-rounded understanding and knowledge about the benefits of using technology in the classroom. I also hope to have a repertoire of strategies and ideas as to how I can incorporate technology into my classroom in a meaningful way. I hope to become more technologically able and informed during this class and I hope I learn valuable ways to use technology both as a professional and on an individual level.


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