Tech Task #9 RIP A Remix Manifesto

For this Tech Task we had to watch a video that looks at mash-ups and copy write issues.


One of the questions asked if we thought that if someone manipulated an existing song enough if they can eventually claim it as their own creation?

This is a tough question, I think that for myself, I would feel guilty claiming a song as my own creation if it was any kind of mash up or remix. The reason I feel that way is because it would be impossible to create my creation if it had not been for the artists who originally created the song in the first place. I think that sharing music or remixing different pieces of music together is cool, but I don’t think taking credit for someone else’s original songs seems right. If I was the original artist and someone rearranged my song or added to it and then started making money off it, I would feel ripped off or taken advantage of. If the remix was just shared I don’t know if I would have the same negative feelings about this.

I think that the current copy write policies seem very extreme and restrictive. I really like Creative Commons Licensing, I wish more things could be shared on the internet under this kind of licensing because I know how helpful Flickr and Compfight have been for me. Another point that was made in the video was how a writer can reference any author or document in their paper, as long as they give that person credit. Most of our essays in university are based on other peoples work and research, our role is typically to analyze their work, critique it and conclude with what we like and what we don’t. I think that if this is allowed in writing, it should be allowed in every area. I know that there’s a difference between plagiarism and referencing, maybe if remixes and mash-ups were created in a similar way it would be a good thing. I would have to research this issue more I think to better understand it.


Summary of Major Project: Sewing Mukluks

Check out Mukluks Update #12 for a summary of highlights and low-lights through this journey!

Mukluks Update #12

Here is my final update! I can’t believe I was actually able to finish these..they took SO long! But it was well worth it. This is one of the best projects I have ever done–very fulfilling, and I get to wear them!

Some of the things that went well in this process were that I had a great support system, my husband and my mom were very encouraging! Having my mom find the pattern from my Auntie Christine was extremely helpful as well. I kind of had a love/hate relationship with the pattern. Mostly, it was helpful, but there were a few times that I had to adjust it and there were other times where I was very confused and wasn’t sure what she was trying to say, as the directions were very limited. It would have been nice to take a class on this and have a teacher who I could talk to and ask questions. The YouTube videos were also helpful, but I was disappointed with the lack of resources available for teaching someone how to make their own pair of mukluks.

One of the things I would have done differently is make the foot part of the mukluks smaller, because I know the leather is going to stretch. Another thing I regret is that I did not vlog before attaching the shaft (leg part) to the foot of the mukluk. I was very surprised at how much I appreciated having my vlogs to record my learning and the process of sewing these boots. I had never vlogged before, and although I was pretty shy at first and hated hearing my voice recorded, by the end of the semester it was no big deal.

I was really glad that I created a YouTube account because it made uploading and sharing videos so easy! I probably never would have done that if it wasn’t for this class.

I really liked the beadwork design I made, and I was really happy with how the leather and the fur on the leg turned out. I just still can’t believe how long this took me. My Grandma told me I should start making mukluks and selling them, but unless I became significantly faster at this, I can’t see myself ever doing that. I would want to charge at least $500 haha–which I know no one would want to pay when they can just buy them from Quarks for $300. I think my Auntie Christine sells hers for $150 a pair, either she is very generous or much more time efficient than I am.

Sometimes I felt like quitting because my fingers were aching, and occasionally bleeding when I accidently pricked myself with the needle, and sometimes adjusting the pattern and feeling frustrated that I did not understand the instructions made me want to throw the towel in. I am so glad I stuck it out though, having the accountability of posting updates to my blog really encouraged me to keep going.

Thanks for checking out my final project! Watch my summary video for this project to see the whole process in a nut shell!

Mukluks Update # 11

End of the semester…

I can’t believe the semester is almost over! Unless I come back for my Masters degree, these are the last 5 days I will spend at University for the rest of my life–and many of my colleagues as well. It’s crazy because I have been a student for the last 17 years and the idea of being on the other end of the spectrum (as an educator) is kind of mind boggling. In some ways, being a teacher makes it feel like I’ll never actually leave school–just my role will change. However, at the same time it will be a very different experience. I can’t believe four years has already passed! I remember my first day of University and how nervous I was… and now it’s already over!

My second last semester (internship) was by far, my favorite. I am very excited to have my own classroom. However, this last semester has been a lot more difficult than I expected. The workload 

was comparable to other years, but it just felt strange to be in my interning school for 4 months and get to teach, and then to have to come back to University and take classes. I had 4 major projects this semester, due on the last day of classes. It’s unfortunate because all of these are valuable projects but there has been very little enjoyment in completing them because they just seem like another assignment with a deadline. I wish my last semester had not been geared so bottom heavy (end of the semester has more assignments than the beginning of the term). It’s starting to feel like Spring and I have had interviews with various school divisions for positions in the Fall but in the midst of the excitement of moving forward in my career, some of my incomplete final projects feel like grey clouds that just hover over me, haha I know that sounds dramatic.

Lots of people who have already convocated have told me they miss University and that they wish they could come back. Right now that is hard to imagine, but maybe I will feel that way someday… but I doubt it because I really loved my internship experience and can’t wait to work full time! 🙂


Today in class we talked about the concept of sharing one’s work–specifically online. Whether you are sharing photos, status updates, blogs, lesson plans, your resume, portfolio or music, there are mixed opinions on where to draw the line. I think there are many benefits to sharing online. Personally, I have really appreciated using photos for different projects from sites with creative commons licensing, such as compfight and flickr. I know that  lot of my peers have found Pinterest to be very helpful as well–for any project including teaching and lesson planning to baking recipes and home decor. Couros described these forms of collaboration as “online staff rooms” I think this is a fairly accurate description of how these tools can be considered and used. Obviously I am biased towards favoring collaboration  tools that are geared for an audience of educators.

I think that my understanding of sharing has definitely  been expanded during the course of this semester. I still don’t have Twitter or Pinterest…but I am a lot more open to sharing online and utilizing the various resources available, such as Edmodo and Schoology. Collaborating with fellow educators from around the world is a phenomenal opportunity that is available and I am so glad that this class has helped me better understand how to effectively use these tools.

The link to this blog was shared with us by Alec, and I was very moved by this particular post, as well as delighted to find this resource. I will definitely be utilizing the information shared in this blog in my future classrooms when learning about the Holocaust.

Mrs. D's Flight Plan

My class recently finished reading the non-fiction novel, Ten Marks and a Train Ticket: Benno’s Escape to Freedom. It’s the story of Benno (9) and Heinz (13), two brothers who were put on a train in 1939 Berlin, by their parents, as a desperate gesture to send them to safety, away from Nazi Germany. This first-person narrative, told by Benno, chronicles their heartbreaking struggle to survive their travels across a continent on the brink of war, and the pain they confronted when learning of the loss of their parents and young brother, Charlie, at Aushwitz. Benno eventually moved to Toronto, Ontario, a few hours drive from where my students live.

The story is written by Benno’s three daughters, Susy Goldstein, Gina Hamilton and Wendy Share. After watching this video interview with the authors and their father, we learn how important they felt it was to have a story about…

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